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Legal Representation for Eminent Domain Cases

When you first learn that your business property is being considered for eminent domain or condemnation, by the government, it can come as quite a shock. You may not know whether you can contest the decision or how to get the highest possible value for your real estate.


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Representation to Protect Your Property

Businesses throughout California can be at risk of having property damaged or taken entirely by local or state government for a public project. While it’s often difficult to completely counter an eminent domain case, you can get a reasonable valuation for your real estate and the expenses involved with relocating some or all of your business activities. Work with a legal partner with case experience related to eminent domain, direct condemnation, and inverse condemnation. With the attorneys at Palmieri Tyler on your side, you won’t have to manage your eminent domain case and interactions with the government alone. We’ll assist with getting the best possible outcome for any kind of eminent domain case.

Cases We Represent

Palmieri Tyler has provided legal representation to a wide range of businesses as well as homeowners in their cases of eminent domain and condemnation. These include commercial, retail or industrial investment properties, business parks, and office complexes as well as highly-trafficked businesses (like bars and restaurants, hotels, chain drug stores, gas stations, public storage facilities, and both automotive and RV dealerships). We’ve assisted food and product distribution companies, industrial manufacturers, construction companies, contractor yards, automotive repair facilities, and swap meets.

Palmieri Tyler has represented cases involving multi-resident residential properties like apartment and condominium complexes and mobile home parks. Our attorneys have served large landholders like golf courses, country clubs, tennis clubs, private airports, and parking lots or structures. Nonprofit organizations like churches have also trusted us with their eminent domain cases.

These clients have one thing in common: local or state government sought to take over their properties without reasonable compensation. The skilled attorneys at Palmieri Tyler have helped more than 2,000 business owners and homeowners present challenges in eminent domain cases. We have also provided expert legal assistance and lease valuation in cases where commercial tenants became ensnared in condemnation proceedings that had dramatic impacts on their businesses. Our involvement with land use cases related to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) has also helped our clients whose property was condemned due to environmental concerns. Whatever land use issue your business faces, the eminent domain team at Palmieri Tyler is here to help.

Work with Palmieri Tyler on Your Eminent Domain Case

At Palmieri Tyler, we recognize that your property is valuable to you. We’ll walk with you throughout the process; our comprehensive knowledge of land use laws gives us the edge in taking on eminent domain cases like yours. Don’t take on an eminent domain or condemnation case alone. Call us today at (949) 851-7294 or use our online contact form to schedule an initial consultation with our eminent domain attorneys.


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