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California Eminent Domain Lawyers Protect Property Owners’ Rights

Irvine law firm features advocates dedicated to condemnation matters

Law Firm for Land Use Cases in Irvine, CAIf the government is looking to assume ownership of your land, you deserve strong legal representation from a law firm who has earned multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements in these matters. At Palmieri Tyler, we don’t just handle eminent domain proceedings as a sideline: we are one of the few California firms to maintain a department dedicated to this practice. Having handled thousands of eminent domain matters, we can manage not only the legal aspects of your claim, but valuation, negotiation and public awareness tasks as well. With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys vigorously represent clients in condemnation proceedings as well as inverse condemnation cases where litigation is necessary to obtain rightful compensation. We have a detailed knowledge of the local and national issues affecting your property rights and won’t let you be intimidated by powerful adversaries.


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Experienced attorneys provide full support when the government targets your land

No matter what type of use is proposed for your land, our firm’s lawyers can help you present the strongest argument to maintain ownership or obtain maximum payment. In a free initial consultation, we advise on issues including:

  • Challenging public use — In many cases around the United States, developers and public agencies have expanded the definition of “public use” beyond reasonable recognition. We help individuals and businesses challenge these questionable designations to prevent eminent domain authority from being abused.
  • Demanding just compensation — When property is taken by the government, the Constitution requires that the property owner be compensated. However, authorities usually try to minimize such payment. Our firm has a detailed understanding of real estate valuation and will advocate vigorously for a prompt, suitable payment.
  • Negotiating fair market value — Arriving at a fair value for an eminent domain taking involves much more than a review of current comparable prices. We conduct a comprehensive investigation not only into the present use of the property but also its future potential. When appropriate, we retain experts to help determine exactly what your asset is worth.

As lawyers who concentrate on California eminent domain matters, we are able to provide an informed assessment of your situation and help you anticipate how the process will unfold.

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Palmieri Tyler advises clients throughout California on all types of eminent domain matters. Please call (949) 851-7294 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Irvine office.