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Protect Your Property Rights
Eminent Domain Law Firm in Irvine, CA

Through eminent domain, the government can take your property a public project, and the process can be overwhelming for a property owner. The eminent domain attorneys at Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP law firm help property owners navigate the complexities of eminent domain, condemnation and other related land-use issues.

Be Represented by a Law Firm That is Well-Established in Eminent Domain Cases

With the complexities of eminent domain law, property owners are recommended to seek experienced legal representation from attorneys who have handled hundreds of cases with excellent success rates. The eminent domain attorneys at Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP have experience working with a large client base and specialized knowledge in eminent domain law. Palmieri, Hennessey & Leifer LLP have represented property owners throughout California in fighting for cases against government officials and land developers to protect the property rights of the owners. Together, our law firm has decades of experience in eminent domain litigation and has received several multi-million-dollar settlements for business and property owners.

Our Areas of Legal Service

Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP law firm tackles property right cases of all sizes, from the most challenging and intricate valuation cases to condemnation and inverse condemnation cases for business owners.

Eminent Domain

Under eminent domain, a government entity can force you to sell your private residential or commercial property for public use or benefit. Losing your property by eminent domain can be very difficult, especially if you’re running a successful business. With experienced legal partners, you can be awarded fair compensation for your land and business losses that provide financial security for relocating.

Inverse Condemnation

Inverse condemnation comes into play if the government has unjustly declared eminent domain, or has announced eminent domain and then delays, causing your property values to plummet. If nearby government activity has caused damage to your land, you may also have a valid case. To receive a favorable settlement in your inverse condemnation case, seek representation from attorneys who have handled similar cases with positive results.

Real Estate Valuation and Litigation

Determining the fair market value of your property can be a frustrating process. You will want to be fairly compensated for losing your real estate holdings on top of having to move a family or business. A skilled eminent domain attorney can ensure you get the highest possible value for your property. Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLPhas helped more than 2,000 displaced business owners get the best possible fair market value for their properties.

Commercial Lease Valuation

You lease space for your business on a property that’s now been notified of an eminent domain takeover. In most cases, eminent domain compensation is only made to the property owner. However, you may be entitled to compensation, and it’s important to consult with a qualified attorney for help. Property owners with lease holders will also want to get legal help so everyone can work together for fair compensation.

Business Litigation

Business owners may be concerned about the high costs of relocating and losing “goodwill,” or the benefits a business has by being at a particular location over time. It’s almost certain that an initial government offer will not include compensation for these costs, but by working with an eminent domain attorney, you may be able to increase the awarded amount to cover these expenses.

Land Use and CEQA Laws

Is the government claiming eminent domain for a project that doesn’t adhere to existing land use laws? Would their proposed project violate California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) regulations? You may have legal recourse. Talk to one of our experienced land use attorneys, and find out how our law firm can help with your land-use case.

Providing Legal Representation to Property Owners
Throughout the Irvine, Los Angeles and Orange County Areas

The Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP law firm has the knowledge and experience with eminent domain cases to help you with questions you may have about eminent domain in California. Our law firm is based in Irvine, CA and handles cases throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Why Hire an Attorney for Your Eminent Domain Case?

Eminent domain cases can be stressful, and you may feel like you’re not getting the fair market value for your property. Working with a skilled eminent domain law firm can help you feel like you’re getting the best possible counsel, and you don’t have to go up against government officials and developers on your own. The eminent domain attorneys at Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP specialize in eminent domain cases in California, and can help you protect your property rights and receive just compensation.

Choose the Eminent Domain Attorneys at Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP for Your Case

With more than 30 years of experience and highly qualified eminent domain attorneys, Palmieri, Hennessey, Leifer LLP knows how to handle a wide range of eminent domain cases. What’s more, we care about getting you top compensation for your property, and we understand the challenges you go through in navigating the eminent domain process. Our law firm is simply the best partner for small business owners, property owners and even homeowners to receive fair market value for real estate taken via eminent domain. Call our Irvine office today at (949) 851-7294 to schedule a consultation.


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